Learning to Change: Congregation Transformation Fueled by Personal Renewal

The book, Learning to Change: Congregation Transformation Fueled by Personal Renewal, is a convicting, humbling, and worthwhile read. Authors Harrington and Tricia Taylor demonstrate to Ministry leaders that the current way in which churches attempt to grow is not the easiest nor the best way to go about it. They demonstrate that the keys to real change cannot always be seen in numbers but in spiritual transformation. Seeing people come to Christ and grow in his grace. From this idea Harrington & Taylor give 4 core essentials that’s Church should hold to.

After establishing these core fundamentals the authors give practical advice in how to instill these core fundamentals into ministries of every congregation.

All in all this work was an interesting accomplishment of Harrington and Taylor due to the team they put together to assist in the writing of this work. While some of the key fundamentals of this work are extremely helpful such as the core values of Integrity authenticity courage and love, there seems to be a lack Focus on the primary purpose of corporate worship EG. The priority of preaching. This seems to have come about not in a antagonistic way but in a way to incorporate Unity and fellowship rather than corporate worship.

In regard to recommending this book I would recommend it to Ministry leaders who have a sharp eye so that they can wade through some of the more progressive bits while seeing the fundamentals as a starting point to develop their core values.

I received this book through Kregel Publications for the purpose of writing a review, I was not required to write positive review.


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