The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament (Second Edition) by Craig S. Keener

41wrjcyimrl-_sx323_bo1204203200_Out of context, many times we take books quotes and other things out of their proper context to suit our own personal needs. This happens at Foley in the secular world but often in matters relating to Holy scripture. We live in the twenty-first century and we live in a contact very different from that of Holy Scripture, there are so many cultures represented by that of the ancient near East, the physical nation of Israel, and the Greco-Roman Empire as well as second temple Judaism, just to name a few. All of which are vastly different from our culture today. Each of these cultures and how they operate are usually out of the purview of many people, including pastors. Which is why a study into these ancient cultures is necessary. Yet without getting a degree in archaeology, how does one attain this needed information.
The answer has arrived. I do p academic has recently published a great “commentary” , I bet more of a reference work on the cultural background of most cultures represented in the New Testament of Holy Scripture. Authored by noted New Testament scholar the Craig S. Keener this work adds a new dimension to sermon preparation. Keener has taken each section of the New Testament of scripture and added a see a logical commentary on these vs. Well he does at his own personal exegesis to this passage Keener does a phenomenal job in breaking down the wall in front of the reader so that scripture, specifically that of the New Testament, can be read in its proper context.
Now just a reminder, this work is not a traditional commentary. You will not see exegesis of each word, phrase, or section. Despite this, The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament (Second Edition), is a phenomenal tool for pastors, Scholars, and laymen alike.  Keener, does described in part to the, New Perspective on Paul, which color some of his cultural investigation, yet the majority of the work in this book is exceptional and becomes invaluable when teaching for preaching. Furthermore the accessibility of this work is second to none for no matter what level of Education a person has they can understand the culture of which a particular section of scripture was written in. In the end this book is needed resource to any and all who read it, so that any and all people they understand the proper context of Holy Scripture.
I received this book through IVP Academic Publications for the purpose of writing a review, I was not required to write positive review.

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