Leading KidMin, by Pat Cimo and Matt Markins

51wynwsrevl-_sx321_bo1204203200_Does ministering to children burn in your heart? Yet are you unsure how to go about this calling? If you answered yes to these questions then, Leading KidMin, by Pat Cimo and Matt Markins and published by Moody publishers, is the book for you.

As a minister to Children and Families I am constantly on the lookout for new and Innovative books on leadership development in children’s ministry. Leading KidMin is one of the books I will read again and again for its impact on my life as well as the lies of those I minister to is incalculable. This book does not assume that’s the reader knows much about children’s ministry yet if you are a veteran, such as myself, you will still find this book and impactful read. In just shy of 200 pages Pat Cimo and Matt Markins demonstrate truly how to drive real change in your church children’s ministry. The Arthur explain this through three major tenants, helping others see what you see, influencing the grander vision of your church, and leading from within. These basic tenants must be at the core of what your leadership embodies for division of children’s ministry.

The authors do make it clear that this transformation will not be quick and it will not be easy yet this long and somewhat tedious process will change not only your view of how leadership must act but how children are impacted for Christ so that they may go and share the gospel with others as the Great Commission commands them. I dare not say that this is the only book you should read on children’s ministry yet it is one of the few that you should have in your possession in order to build a successful God honoring children’s ministry.


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