Romans 9-16 (RCS) Edited by Philip D. W. Krey & Peter D. S. Krey

513wtpqhell-_sx349_bo1204203200_For as long as scripture has been in existence there have been people trying to interpret God’s holy, inspired, and inerrant word. Many years later during the Middle Ages the exegesis of Holy Scripture became last, yet when the Protestant Reformation begin it brought about a excellent exegets like that of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cromwell comma and many others. To read all of the works of these excellent expositors have previously necessitated you to purchase thousands of dollars in commentary and Treatise works, just to get they’re theological interpretation of a few specific passages. Furthermore some of these works are not only expensive but hard to find. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

Recently IVP academic has published a new series of commentaries called the Reformation commentary on scripture. This Commentary series edited by Timothy George combines a variety of reformation era commentaries concentrated around a specific book of the Holy Scripture. This excellently produced commentary on the Acts of the Apostles sees how George has again outdone himself. With this volume he has Enlisted the aid Philip D. W. Krey & Peter D. S. Krey, to edit this specific commentary. And they did a fantastic job. It is a wonderful compilation others asked their best and most notable theological insights into the Romans 9-16.  The book of Romans has been linked directly to the start of the protestant reformation, therefore it is fascinating hearing the men who were the spark of the reformation in their own words.

While most commentaries use a verse by verse approach to scripture this commentary engages The Romans 9-16 on a section-by-section basis. This book is not a quick read, nor is it additional devotional commentary, yet it could be used as one if desired. The primary audience of this commentary is pastors and Scholars for they are citing the original sources other than republish copies the reformers works. Furthermore it needs to be mentioned that Pastor can use most of these quotes from the reformers in a variety of ways and they’re preaching and teaching.

Lastly as with most reformers application was on the forefront of their minds when exegeting scripture and it shows in commentary. These pastor-scholars make application the greatest asset in this commentary. I highly recommend this work the pastors and Scholars like whether you are preaching on the Acts of the Apostles or whether you are studying a specific passenger topic or even getting deeper personal understanding into this book of the Gospel you will be blessed by the reading of it.

This book was provided to me free of charge from IVP Academic in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Romans 9-16: Reformation Commentary on Scripture

© 2016 Edited by Philip D. W. Krey & Peter D. S. Krey

Publisher: IVP Academic

Page Count: 384 Pages

ISBN: 978-0830829712


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