Descriptions and Prescriptions By Michael R. Emlet

51kk83nh4bl-_sx325_bo1204203200_Descriptions and Prescriptions : A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnosis and Medications by Michael R. Emlet is one of the most practical books I have read thus far in 2017. A small book just over 100 pages yet in this book Emlet takes a counselor, trained or not, through the important and trying task of understanding psychiatric no cheese and psychoactive medications. I myself am not a government licensed counselor but I do my fair share of biblical counseling inside the church. This book has provided me with a basic understanding of issues and counseling which I had only scratched the surface of. This book by no means makes a person an expert in the field of psychiatric for psychoactive issues rather it provides ale a counselor or a Pastor-counselor with a foundation for understanding those under their care who are suffering from Psychiatric issues.

One of the most helpful sections of this book deals with when a pastor / counselor should refer someone under their care to a licensed psychologist so that they may receive medications to deal with any type of chemical imbalance. In the end this is a book that not only will I return to when I need specific advice about psychiatric I know sees and medications but also is a book that I will heavily suggest to all pastors who serve as counselors. I cannot recommend this book more highly, for it is practical in the greatest sense of the word.

I received this work from New Growth Press for the purposes of review, yet the views expressed are my own, they did not need to be positive.


Title: Descriptions and Prescriptions: A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnoses and Medications

Author: Michael R. Emlet

ISBN: 978-1945270116


Landing Page:





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