Numbers-Ruth (ECBR)

51bfrjxbptl-_sx258_bo1204203200_The expositors Bible commentary has been recognized as one of the leading Commentary series for the past quarter-century. Having started in 1978 and completed in 1992 is Commentary series was in sore need of a revised updated Edition. Therefore in 2008 the expositors Bible commentary begin its revised Edition of all of its 13 volumes of commentary. Completed in 2012 this Commentary series included updated commentaries of almost every book included in the previous version as well as fleshing out a previous commentaries as well.
Perhaps one the best updated version in this Commentary series is that of the commentary on the books of Numbers through Ruth by Ronald B. Allen (Numbers), Michael Alan Grisanti (Deutronomy), Helene Dallaire (Joshua), Mark J. Boda (Judges), and George Schwab (Ruth). Weighing in at over 1000 Pages each book gets a mid-level commentary treatment, yet each individual commentary has invaluable exegesis that most pastor’s will greatly appreciate.
This book touted as one of the best volumes in the series. Each passage is thoroughly treated looking not only at the Hebrew text but dealing with critical questions, exegetical points, and practical application.  This commentary truly is for both the pastor and Scholar. Furthermore it is not inaccessible to the Layman who desires to get a thorough treatment of this section of Holy Scripture for their understanding. I highly recommend this commentary as the first pick of any Pastor for a series on the books of Numbers’-Ruth as well as to the scholar who is looking to write a paper on a specific theme or passage in these books. You can truly not go wrong with this superb commentary.
With that said are a few issues I have with the commentary on Ruth.  Schwab takes an unorthodox view of Ruth and Boaz on the threshing room floor to be a sexual encounter between them.  His arguments will interesting do not bear out in the text and makes the rest of his commentary on the book of Ruth unhelpful if used for exegetical preaching, but very helpful if writing a paper on the subject.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Zondervan Academic in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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