Beginning with God at Christmas by Jo Boddam-Whetham

51kg68tpb3l-_sx339_bo1204203200_Are you having trouble communicating the truths of Scripture to your children, especially at Christmas?  Most parents do.  This problem is not uncommon but it is something that needs to be rectified.  Yet most of this obstruction occurs because parents of children do not know how to teach their children the redemptive story of God’s grace.  It is not that they do not know the Gospel, rather it is that they do not know how to communicate these truths to their children in a manner which a child will understand. This is especially important at Christmas due to the extra, non-biblical, idea which come along around Christmas.  Wither it is putting the focus in the wrong direction, usually aimed at a man in a red suit, or toward materialism, the focus of Christmas, as well as the rest of the year, must be on Christ.

One of the greatest tools to teach children the Gospel, specifically the first advent of Christ, in plain language any child can understand is the family devotional series Beginning with God: Exploring the Bible with your child.  This family devotional written by Jo Boddam-Whetham and edited by Alison Mitchell is aimed at preschoolers to use with their parents.   Now as a minister to children, youth, and families as well as a father of a preschooler, I see countless books on this topic yet, Beginning with God, is the best I have ever encountered.

This volume of is specifically focused on the coming and early work of Christ on earth, of which there are seven lessons. Each lesson is step up like a meal containing an appetizer (opening questions, aimed at getting the child thinking), the main course (the reading of Scripture as well as a few inductive questions), and lastly a snack (which is aimed at getting the child to apply what they have learned).  This approach is unique in its simplicity yet sound in its teaching being grounded in the holy, inerrant, and infallible Word of God.

It is important to note that the lessons use the Beginners Bible, an well known children’s bible, yet even if you do not have this Bible the devotional can be used, it just becomes a little more challenging, yet nowhere near an insurmountable challenge. I fully recommend and endorse this family devotional to any and all parents who wish to teach their children the truth of God’s Word in a manner their preschoolers can understand.

This book was provided to me free of charge from The Good Book Company in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Beginning with God at Christmas: Exploring the Bible with your child

© 2010 by Jo Boddam-Whetham

Publisher: The Good Book Company

Page Count: 24 Pages

ISBN: 978-1907377242


Publishers Website:

Book’s Landing Page:


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