Mark (TOTE) by Andrew T. Le Peau

51jzjqni3vl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Every so often there comes a Commentary series that shatters the mold of the establishment. Through Old Testament Eyes is a new Commentary series produced by Kregel academic which focuses on historical background and application. This series is not groundbreaking in the sense that it is a scholarly commentary which is pushing the grounds of critical scholarship, nor is it an emotional commentary which pushes the sounds of evangelicalism. Rather this Commentary series is groundbreaking for it’s focused is understanding the New Testament from the context of its original authorship. As I’ve already said this Commentary series is not highly academic yet it cannot be described as popular level. It is a good mixture between the two. I truly look forward to each and every installment in this new fascinating series.
The first commentary in this series focuses on the gospel of Mark. This commentary by Andrew T. Le Peau is truly insightful. A lightweight commentary weighing in at just over 352 pages, is a preacher’s dream. For it helps decontextualized the modern-day reader as well as giving in-depth and practical application for those teaching through the gospel of Mark exegetically. For those who are interested this commentary does have a deep Baptist bent to it yet it is not so overwhelming that those of other theological positions cannot truly benefit from it.
The only downside to this well produced commentaries is the introduction to the gospel itself. While there few introductory matters covered I was very underwhelmed at the content. Conversely the commentary proper was full of valuable nuggets that a preacher could mind. Another issue I had with this volume is it’s treatment on the ending of Mark. While Le Peau argues for the shortening of Mark he still ends up putting over four pages of commentary towards the content of Mark 16:9-20.  Outside of these notable issues this commentary is undoubtedly helpful to a preacher as well as to the educated Layman who may be teaching through the gospel of Mark. I Dare for recommended to those in need of a good application based yet grounded in its original context commentary.

These books was provided to me free of charge from Kregel Press in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Mark: Through Old Testament Eyes

© 2017 by Andrew T. Le Peau

Publisher: Kregel Press

Page Count: 352 Pages

ISBN: 978-0825444111


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