Luke’s Gospel ESV

elg_us_mediumborder-dojmwy4jtjxbzvnryr4mx6t22gkfwz7dOne of the greatest challenges in reading God’s Word is the format in which it is presented. Recently there have been a slew of reader friendly versions of God’s Word specifically translated in the English Standard Version. Yet most of these reader-friendly versions contain the entirety of the Old and New Testaments, rather than one specific book of God’s Word. Before now there were only a few products which did this. Unfortunately all of them failed to live up to my expectations comma before now.

Thankfully the Good Book Company, has produced a fantastic reader-friendly version of God’s Word, specifically the Gospel of Luke, in the English Standard Version. It is a light-weight paperback version for which is conducive to fitting in a small bag or purse. As well as light enough to fit in the back pocket.

The Gospel of Luke is one that was specifically geared toward Gentiles, non-Jews, and this copy of the Gospel of Luke is perfect to hand out two others when you share the gospel with them. I myself keep copies like this when sharing God’s Word with students in public schools.

This copy of God’s Word is also perfect for small group discussions we are highlighting text becomes pertinent. With all these factors combined, I highly recommend the good book companies small compact version of the Gospel of Luke to any and all who are interested in sharing, learning, and discovering God’s Word.

This book was provided to me free of charge from The Good Book Company in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


Author: Luke
ISBN: 9781784982737
Format Paperback
Year of Publishing: 2017
Pages: 80
Publisher: The Good Book Company

Publishers Website:

Book’s Landing Page:


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