Growing Up God’s Way by Dr. Chris Richards and Dr. Liz Jones

As a father and as a minister of families, I am always on the look out for books which aid parents teach their children, from using media to dating and marriage as well as everything in between.  One series of books that caught my eye a few months ago, and that I recently had the privilege of reviewing, is Growing Up God’s Way which is published by Evangelical Press.  The series is comprised of two books Growing Up God’s Way: For Boys  and Growing Up God’s Way: For Girls, each book  focuses on helping parents talk to their children about their constantly changing bodies, the opposite sex, and romantic relationships.  While both books has a similar premise, each book is unique to the gender of the child.

First lets look at the similarities of both books.  Each work beings with the foundational idea that people, children specifically, are created by God and that He has a plan for their lives.  That while the children are ‘growing up’ God has created special changes for each gender that will have an effect on the rest of the earthly existence.  Furthermore that these changes are purposefully given to growing children so they can grow up to fulfill their given purpose of glorifying God.  This God-centric foundation is grounded in Biblical truth, so that the covenant children of God will grow to be men and women of God.

51v1ehwpqkl-_sx352_bo1204203200_Looking specifically at Growing Up God’s Way: For Girls, both Richards and Jones focus on how a young girls body is changing and how it changes her thought mentality, while at the same time showing how a young boy’s body is changing as well.  There is also a great background focus on biblical womanhood and a woman’s complementary role in marriage as well as in life.

Switching to Growing Up God’s Way: For Boys, both Richards and Jones focus on the changes that young boys will go through in puberty as well as how their relationships with girls and other boys will changes, including changes to their bodies and minds.  I was happy 41nbrpv7xsl-_sx334_bo1204203200_to see the authors have their work immersed in God’s Word but to specifically add a section on Biblical headship as well as how men alone are qualified for the offices of the church (Deacon, Ruling Elder, and Teaching Elder) was a welcomed addition.  Furthermore I was surprised to not truly see a weak-spot worth mentioning this work for each section and chapter were on point both Biblically and medically.

Page after page I am continually surprised how both Richards and Jones keep these squeamish and many times confusing topics at a level that growing children can not only understand but apply to their lives, as their body and thought processes change.  At such a difficult time in their lives these books are a resource that should not be over looked and can never be overused, for children are in desperate need of Scripturally grounded truths taught by the people who have the most influence on them, guided by godly medical professionals.

This work is ambitious in its goal, to be Biblically sound while still understandable by children and it brilliantly succeeds.  I will be recommending this book to parents of growing children in the church I serve in, as well as any who minister to parents of growing children, without hesitation, and I will be using these works when my own children grow to an age-appropriate time to discuss this important topic of living a God-honoring lives with regard to their bodies and future romantic relationships.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Evangelical Press in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


Growing Up God’s Way: For Girls

© 2014 by Chris Richards and Liz Jones

Publisher: Evangelical Press

Page Count: 80 Pages

ISBN: 978-1783970001


Growing Up God’s Way: For Boys

© 2014 by Chris Richards and Liz Jones

Publisher: Evangelical Press

Page Count: 80 Pages

ISBN: 978-0852349991


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