The Song of Songs (TOTC) by Iain M. Dugid

41amv6jhpql-_sx327_bo1204203200_The Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series produced by IVP academic, is a highly respected Commentary series for the educated Layman on up. In the last decade IVP has begun a vast revision of this celebrate series. The newest volume in this sweeping revision is the Song of Songs, by Iain M. Dugid. Dugidhas taken the mantel from G. Lloyd Carr who authored the previous volume entitled The Song of Solomon. It might seem nigh impossible to replace this theological giant yet Dugid uses his masterful understanding of the Hebrew combined with cunning wit to explore these interconnected books for the glory of God.

With regard to the introduction to the commentary, Dugid, does not spend a good deal of time on the authorship or introductory matters on the Book of Song of Songs yet in a stark contrast he spends over 36 pages on the introduction to judges. Sadly it seems that’s the entire commentary on the Song of Songs as a whole is very weak. This does not mean that it is not helpful, rather it seems to be a short summary of greater and just as recently published works, without many new theological insights or application points. While there are a few instances which I disagree with Dugid on in regards to his study on this wisdom book, he keeps the correct theological view in how to interpret this somewhat perplexing book of scripture.  I recommend this commentary to Layman as a great tool in preparation for teaching Sunday school as well as a great introduction for the pastor, yet I would use in in conjunction with a volume which would dive deeper into the themes as well as meaning of this love letter.


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