Romans (NIVAC) by Douglas J. Moo

51o7rbruhll-_sx313_bo1204203200_One of the hardest yet fulfilling books to preach through is the Book of Romans.  It is therefore extremely helpful that Zondervan Publications has put out a commentary on the Book of Romans in the NIV application Commentary series. This commentary is well-known and respected in both popular and scholarly circles. For the NIV application Commentary series truly helps the exegete understand the original context of the text as well as its contemporary significance.

This commentary is written by the famous Douglas J. Moo, the author of numerous commentaries, including a more scholarly commentary on Romans in the NICNT, and while not made for scholars does not disappoint. His background and his deep understanding of the writings of Paul specifically that of Romans make this phenomenal work on the book of Romans..

In dealing with the commentary proper, the textual commentary is written in pericope sections rather than dealing with a verse by verse exegetical study. This is the form at which the NIV application study commentary, is exclusivity written init was therefore not a surprise, but it is something that a reader should expect. This does not negate in any way this commentaries usefulness rather it enhances a preacher’s focus on seeing the forest through the trees. I therefore recommend this commentary wholeheartedly as a useful tool to both the preacher, teacher, uneducated laymen, and Sunday school teacher. I do suggest though that this commentary be paired with a more solid one that deals exegetically with each verse.

Furthermore despite the complex theological heresy know as the New Perspective on Paul, Moo stays stalwart in the orthodox belief that Paul was writing about the justification by faith alone rather refuting covenantal nomism.  This is important to note in a scholarly world which seems to have fallen under sway of this new system of heretical beliefs.

These books was provided to me free of charge from Zondervan Press in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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