Willing to Believe by RC Sproul

51mntuo2b0el-_sx325_bo1204203200_The late great Theologian, RC Sproul, wrote many books in his long life time. Many of these books are still in print and deal with important biblical truths as well as how to apply them to your daily life. Sproul always wrote in a way that Christians could be strengthened in their face, as well as share the unfettered gospel Grace with non-christians, to show God’s love and mercy. While RC Sproul may have been taken to his Heavenly Home, his works for main important and tangible to the modern world.
Baker books has recently released a repackaged edition of Sprol’s famous book, Willing to Believe: understanding the role of human will in Salvation. This can be a controversial topic to non-believers as well as Believers. Spore approaches this topic from a winsomely reformed Viewpoint and explores how human will is not irrelevant to Salvation, yes he does not accept crate and barrel, Free Will. Sproul who is exceptional at graciously examining all viewpoints, does a phenomenal job at comparing and contrasting views while presenting them with scriptural Foundation. Therefore Sproul’s work is perfect for a beginners study on this topic, for personal study or for small groups. I would not recommend this work for high academics but will be beneficial to many a believer.
I received this work from Baker Books in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

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