Know Why You Believe (DVD, Video Study) by K. Scott Oliphant

71a90mx7tzl-_sy445_DVDs video studies are all the rage currently. The market for them is high, even higher than printed books. Yet many DVD video studies are either aimed at small groups or at large scale teaching seminars which have more than 40 lessons a piece. Therefore it was extremely encouraging to find a DVD teaching series which encompasses both. That can be used for both large and small groups and only has six lessons.
Not too long K. Scott Oliphant wrote a book entitled Know Why You Believe. This book was greatly successful and influence a great number of believers. Due to its success and influence Zondervan Publications authorized and created a DVD teaching series based on that book. In the DVD teaching series, Know Why You Believe, K. Scott Oliphant exposits not just what Christians must believe In order to follow the truth of scripture, but why they must believe them. This is an understanding for Christians. For while many Christians have a lot of head knowledge they don’t understand how to use it, or why they must know it.
I stated before in these six video lessons, Oliphant  expounds upon his written work and teaches at a level that high schoolers and above can understand with ease. This does not mean that the information is dumb down in anyway, rather the information is taught in such a way that any congregational Layman will have a beneficial time learning from such a were nerd scholar. I have had the chance to read you of all sense books and they have not only been encouraging but edifying and more ways than I can count. I therefore recommended this video series wholeheartedly for anyone who desires to grow in their face and understand why you are to believe what you believe.
This book was given to me by Zondervan academic for the purposes of a unbiased review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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