Kings (NIVAC) by August H. Konkel

51ms1slszcl-_sx328_bo1204203200_1 and 2 Kings, written by August H. Konkel and published by Zondervan, is one of the well written modern commentaries on these books of the Bible. 1 and 2 Kings is a more recent volume of the NIV Application Commentary Series,  a series which is synonymous with superior scholarship and excellent exegesis, and this volume continues this legacy. Konkel is no stranger to studious commentaries series on scripture yet this is his first foray into the NIV Application Commentary series.

1 and 2 Kings begins with the typical study into the introductory matters of these books of the Bible, yet while introductions are common; this introduction is atypical of most commentaries.  It is not that this work doesn’t dive too much history and recent scholarship, which 1 and 2 Kings does a phenomenal job of, rather, it is the thoroughness that Konkel takes with these introductory matters which makes this commentary atypical. In a day where these matters are either glossed over to get to the exegesis of the text or are so cumbersome that they become useless, Konkel has found a good balance in being thorough, communicating depth and attention to recent scholarship, all without losing the forest in the trees.

In reference to the commentary on the text of these historical books, Konkel takes great care in carefully showing the original context of passage while sprinkling practical application to the reader throughout the textual commentary.  With regard of recommending 1 and 2 Kings, to others I would wholeheartedly recommend this commentary to students of scripture, with one caveat.  By this I mean I recommend this work to Pastors, Scholars, Bible Teachers, Bible College Students, and Seminary Students, there is enough scholarly weight to this text to understand a particularly issue in the text while giving aid to pastors in preaching the text. There are many commentaries about the books of 1 and 2 Kings available at this moment but 1 and 2 Kings of the NIV Application Commentary is a step above the herd.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Zondervan Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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