Galatians (NAC) by Timothy George

51pnyi4jkvl-_sx324_bo1204203200_The book of Galatians is one of the most fascinating yet frustrating books of the Bible. I say that it is frustrating on due to most preachers fear of preaching a long-drawn-out exegetical series on the entire book rather than just preaching on the most well-known parts as well as misunderstanding the Old Testament references. Due to this need to preach on the book of Galatians exegetically and correctly, a exegetical commentary is needed. One of the best exegetical commentaries is that of the New American Commentary (NAC) produced by B&H publishing.
This Commentary series is respected in both hire scholarship as well as in popular understanding. For this series combines the best of scholarship with practical applications. It is therefore easy to understand why B & H selected Timothy George to be the author of such an important volume.
This volume begins with a 70 page introductory section which is the envy of most commentaries. Furthermore in this introductory section George gives a great detailed outline of the book of Galatians, which an exegetical preacher can use as a outline to preach from as well as a great excursus on the themes shown in the book of Galatians.  With regard to the commentary proper, George deals with each verse in turn. He make sure that the student of scripture will be able to understand the book of Galatians and its original context as well as it’s interconnections to the rest of scripture as a whole. Furthermore there are invaluable application insights scattered throughout this work.  I therefore recommend this commentary highly amongst  a packed field of worthy exegetical commentaries.
These books was provided to me free of charge from B&H Academic Press in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

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