Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook by B&H Editorial Staff

778515There has been many Bible handbooks produced in the last few decades, yet many of them are either highly stall early or are so liberal in their understanding of scripture that they are hardly worth using. It was there for greatly appreciated when B&H Publications produced, the Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook. While this handbook does not produce any new scholarly conclusions, it is a wonderful tool for the busy Pastor or educated Layman to use in their study of the Bible.
It’s colorful illustrations and connectivity to the World Wide Web makes this work not only useful but tangible in a way that most books have not recently been. This work is also short and to-the-point as therefore a helpful introduction to each book of scripture. I therefore recommend it to all Pastors, educated Layman, Sunday school teachers, and Bible students were looking for a good introduction to each book of the Bible, and helpful hints on how to exegete the main topics and important passages of scripture.

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