Daniel (WBC) by John E. Goldingay

41vbs0wfcol-_sx323_bo1204203200_The book of Daniel is biblical book which can be complicated for the expositor to exegete.  There are many commentaries which are superb such as Baldwin (TOTC), Longman (NIVAC), Ferguson (TPC), and Dugid (REC).  Yet while each of these commentaries while important to the exegesis of a passage focus more on practical application and less on exegesis on the Hebrew text.  One such work which focuses on the exegesis of the Hebrew text is Goldingay’s commentary on Daniel in the Word Biblical Commentary (WBC).

The nature of the WBC is more of a scholarly critical with scholars usually raging from moderate to conservative critical commentaries.  Goldingay’s Daniel volume fall’s into this spectrum and is one of the better entries into this legendary series.   Specifically this volume is filled with thoughtful and useful exegesis yet unfortunately Goldingay hold’s to a later composition date which makes some of his conclusions skewed in a more moderate critical position, such as he views Daniel 1-6 as allegorical “historiography”

Due to Daniel’s mixture of historical narrative and prophecy, what most people want to know is what millennial position the exegete holds which will measure it’s worth to the pastor/scholar.  Goldingay exegetes from a amillennial position, and argues this position well.  If one does not hold to this position this volume is still exceedingly helpful to understand this position as well as the historical narrative portions of Daniel.  While he also draws conclusion that are exceedingly liberal the commentary as a whole is well worth using.

As with all WBC volumes the format is hard to use, the information contained with in it is worth the confusing format.

I received this work from Zondervan Academic, for the purpose of an unbiased review.


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