Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings, Edited by: Tremper Longman III & Peter Enns

51cb6stfppl-_sx349_bo1204203200_In a pastor or a Scholars Library, usually the first Works purchased or commentaries, followed by practical works with only a second thought towards biblical dictionaries and encyclopedias. This could not be a worse process of thinking, for dictionaries specifically those produced in the series titled, the IVP Bible Dictionary series, for this is a top-notch and needed addition to a basic pastor set of works as well as a scholars library.
I was first introduced to this series in seminary, and have found them deeply insightful and for the most part theologically sound and great aides in understanding complex parts of scripture. In this work, the dictionary of the Old Testament Wisdom, Poetry, and Writings, edited by Tremper Longman III & Peter Enns, the books of poetry, wisdom, and writings, are explored with specific focus on various imagery and interpretation.
This work has a truly wide scope in explaining views that are out in the world, both Orthodox an unorthodox as well as types of criticism, tradition and interpretation, and various hermeneutical issues which need to be addressed. I specifically found those dealing with textual criticism and motifs to be quite enjoyable and insightful in my teaching of the book of Psalms. It is highly scholarly, this work will be of use to a pastor who has some foundations in studying that of views that differ with his or with views that would broaden his horizons.
Well I have said that I give her with a few views in this work specifically that of the feminist interpretation of scripture, editor’s Longman III and Enns do a phenomenal job of eating the reader in their understanding of the work of wisdom, poetry, and writings. I therefore recommend this as a purchase to both pastors and Scholars if they have the money to purchase this what can be expensive volume in the phenomenal, IVP Bible dictionary series. You will not be disappointed.
I received this work from IVP Academic, for the purpose of an unbiased review.



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