James (ZECNT) by Craig Blomberg & Mariam J. Kamel

512b3jkcpw2bl-_sx258_bo1204203200_It is not often that we get to witness the birth of what will be a top notch commentary that will live on for generations.  Yet James of the Zondervan Exegetical New Testament Commentary is the first commentary in series that has since become a driving force in modern scholarship.  Author Craig Blomberg is well known scholar who is a distinguished professor at Denver Seminary  while Mariam J. Kamell is a up and coming scholar as well as assistant professor at Regent College.

The commentary is divided into seven primary sections: Literary Context, Main Idea, Translation and Graphical Layout, Structure, Exegetical Outline, Explanation of the Text, and Theology in Application.  This work is a mixture of scholarly exegesis and piratical application.  While a pastor does not need to have a understanding of biblical Greek it is helpful and will expanded the use of this work.

While there are many things to enjoy about this work, I was a little concerned about the length of the commentary proper.  James is a complex and far reaching book and the commentary proper is the length of an small-scale work rather than the expected mid-level work.

But in the end the exegesis will draw you to this work yet the practical application will make this commentary usable and one that you will constantly reach for in your study of James.



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