All The Colors That I See by Pamela Kennedy

51tycoxi-ul-_sy486_bo1204203200_Colors are a wonderful thing that God has given to us.  He gave us some many colors, they brighten up our day, they give our minds fascinating things to look at, they help us describe what we are looking at.  Color is an amazing gift God has given.  In All the Colors That I See, Pamela Kennedy with the aid of Illustrator Holli Conger, explore color, by using vivid images and tactile actions which help a child (0-3) learn about God’s creation of color in the world He created.

While this book is a “board book”, with regard to the pages, the cover is a hard back and will add many years to the life of an ordinary board book.  I can personally testify to this having a young child who seems determined to chew though board books, this cover can not be chewed through even by the most determined children.

Furthermore this book is easy to ready a child, the words are understandable and help a child grow in their knowledge of understanding of God and His creation.  I whole hardheartedly recommend this book for purchase by parents, caregivers, and churches.



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