Psalms 90-150 (KEL) by Allen P. Ross

515d5xvllul-_sx330_bo1204203200_On of the greatest challenges for a expositor of the Gospel is to find commentaries and other works which will not only aid in their exposition of the scripture but inform as well as challenge their current position on a piece of scripture.   Some commentaries do a wonderful job on the former but lack tremendously in the latter.  One commentary series which has been steadfastly blazing a trail accomplishing both is, The Kregel Exegetical Library series, produced by Kregel Publishing.  I almost all of their volumes in their series which is a testament to their stalwart exposition of scripture as well as their commitment to high academic standers.

One of the newest entries in this series is Psalms 90-150.  This is the final entry in the three volume set dedicated to the Psalms.  The first volume, which I also had the privilege of reviewing, was fantastic and dedicated to the first forty two Psalms, while the second was focused on Psalms 43-89.   Each of these volumes is written by diligent scholar Allen P. Ross.  Just like the previous volumes, volume 3, is schollarly, though provoking, Orthodox, and practical. While some may be turned off that there is no introduction section to the section of the Psalms in this volume, all introductory matters where covered in the first volume.

I own many commentaries on the Psalms, yet this commentary is truly like any other, for it dedicates a great deal of space to each Psalm.  For each Psalm the Hebrew text is translated into English but Ross, while examining the textual variants in the footnotes.  After this Ross examines the composition and original context of the Psalm to properly place it within the correct cultural lens of the writer and original intended audience.  This is extremely helpful and is through enough to be useful to the scholar yet not verbose to be unhelpful to the pastor.

After these first two sections Ross gives an exegetical analysis of the Psalm.  This includes a short summary, extremely helpful for pastors looking for a central point to a specific Psalm, followed but a detailed exegetical outline and commentary.  In true expository fashion Ross examines verse by verse with a focus on bringing out what is lost in the English translation.  With this in mind, while a understanding of Hebrew is helpful it is not necessary for use of this work.  The last section is complete with a piratical application area which pointed focus on how a Pastor can teach or preach this section of scripture.  If the aim of this volume was to be equal parts scholarly and pastoral then this volume accomplished its purpose, to be an aid to both scholars and pastors who desire for God’s Word to be proclaimed from the Psalms showing Christ as the center of all of scripture.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Kregel Publications in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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