Exodus For You (FY) by Tim Chester

51s3sunllzl-_sx311_bo1204203200_A few years ago, The Good Book Company, started a new series titled For You.  It is a series of devotionals that are written in such as way that they combine application with a healthy dose of exegesis.  These devotionals are a wonderful combination of explanation of the text yet in a manner which is not over simplified.  Lay people will find these devotionals very helpful and easy to read, while pastors will also find them tangible.  This is a unique series which focuses on getting the reader to be in God’s Word.

Each chapter is broken into two or three sections, depending on the length of the passage which is covered.  There is a traditional devotional in each section along with questions for reflection and application.  Each of these sections has good reformed exegesis, written by well know pastors and exegetes.  One area which is important to note is that the passages which are being written about are not contained in the book itself.  The book fancies itself as an “open Bible devotional” which makes the reader open his or her Bible to read the passage along side the book.  I truly appreciate their desire for this and whole hearty endorse it.

As the book itself says “this is a flexible resource”.  The claim is true, as a pastor I have used these devotionals in my own personal reading of God’s Word, as well as using some of the application ideas in teaching lessons and sermons.  These works are truly helpful to all who seek to know more about God’s revelation to us.

With regard to the specific work, Exodus For You, this work is written by Tim Chester a seasoned pastor in Yorkshire, England.  Exodus For You, in some ways is an excellent entry in this ever expanding series, in other ways I found it frustrating.  With regard to its excellence, the exegesis of the passages was spot on.  I found myself drawn deeply into the text of Scripture due to Chester’s focus on keeping the original audience in view while always applying the text to the modern day follower of Christ.  Furthermore Chester writes in such a manner in which you can see his passion for sharing Christ with others, specifically showing the Gospel from the Old Testament.  His wit and humor are shown in an interesting way which engages the reader in a whole person fashion.

While there are many areas of praise for this book there is a few which are not as praise worthy.  Due to Exodus’ long length I was expecting a longer devotional at just over 270 pages this work was decidedly shorter than expected, this is not meant to criticize the author’s exegesis, it is well worth the read, I was just expecting more of it.  Previous volumes in this series such as the entries on the Gospel of Luke are split into two volumes which encompass around 300 pages each.  I wish this was the case with this volume.  Since it is not, some chapters in this book cover and exceedingly high number of chapters from the book of exodus for a person to read alongside each chapter in the devotional.  While this is an issue it is not an insurmountable one.  With this in mind this devotional will finds a home in the personal devotional category than in one that a pastor can mine for sermon application.  Even with this complaint, I see this work well worn in a few years from my personal devotional reading, due to it being a gold mine for an individual reading the book of Exodus.

This book was provided to me free of charge from The Good Book Company in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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