The Message of Galatians (BST) by John Stott

51ryi7pwjgl-_sx331_bo1204203200_John Stott was one of the most recognizable names in modern Evangelical Christianity.  His works are almost countless and anything that he wrote was a gold mine for great exegesis and personal application.  One of the positions that Stott held in his lifetime was New Testament editor of the Bible Speaks Today series of books produced by IVP Academic.

This series is a long lasting series which is the standard for Pastor’s and Laymen to use as an introduction to a specific book of the Bible.   Furthermore this series is stalwart in its tight grasp of orthodox theology and steadfast to the inerrancy as well as the infallibility of scripture.  Stott not only was the editor of the series but wrote a great many volumes in it as well.  One of the better volumes he pend was, The Message of Galatians, originally published under the name, Only One Way, in 1968.

This work is a very through work for its size, 191 pages.  Stott for the most part breaks down each section into a pericope and then deals with the pericope mostly a handful of verses at a time, sometimes looking at a specific verse at length for a few pages. I am currently teaching though a series on Galatians with some teenagers and have found this work to contain a plethora of practical application to the modern day as well as containing great turns of phrases to sum up particular doctrines.

This is the first work I consult before I dive deeper into a specific passage with mid-tear or more technical commentaries, it is well worth the consideration for pastors, Bible study leaders, or even laymen looking for a more in-depth personal devotion.

This book was provided to me free of charge from IVP Academic in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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