Exodus (NIVAC) by Peter Enns

Exodus is an Old Testament commentary, written by Peter Enns and published by Zondervan Academic.  Most commentaries on Exodus are highly critical and on the rare occasion are helpful to the pastor.  Thankfully that trend has changed in the last few years, with a plethora of solid evangelical commentaries on Exodus. I therefore was pleasantly surprised … Continue reading Exodus (NIVAC) by Peter Enns

Exodus (BST) by J. A. Motyer

The book of Exodus is one of my most favorite to preach through, a because of this fact I have accumulated a plethora of commentaires on the book. This combined with my passion for exegetical preaching makes, Exodus by J.A. Motyer, one of the best exegetical commentaries in the Bible Speaks Today commentary series produced … Continue reading Exodus (BST) by J. A. Motyer