Galatians (WBC) by Richard Longnecker

51767atejbl-_sx332_bo1204203200_Galatians is one of the most studied books of scripture due to it’s size and contributions to Pauline theology as well as theology as a whole.  ILuther while reading this work started a reformation which changed everything and in recent years many debates have arisen from the study of this Pauline epistle.

While there have been some fuller bodied commentaries in recent years there is one that stands out among the rabble as one of the best of the best commentaries dedicated to the study of the Greek of Galatians .  The commentary in question is Galatians of the Word Biblical Commentary Series by Richard Longnecker.  Longnecker is a prominent scholar who taught at Wycliffe College and McMaster Divinity School for many years and is no stranger to scholarly pursuits yet this is his only foray into this stalwart series.

Galatians beings with the traditional introduction section, it is full bodied and discusses much a the current state of scholarship (the work was produced in 1990), unfortunately due to its age it does not have a good study of the movement known as the New Perspectives on Paul, either in the positive or negative.  Yet in his other commentaires he does indicate his agreement with the overall movement.

With regard to the commentary proper Longnecker writes with a considerable knowledge base on the original context and audience, yet this does not inhibit his attention to the modern reader and practical application.  This commentary is considered my many scholars to be one of the very best New Testament commentaries in the series, that while brief packs a considerable punch.  A pastor will find this volume not only helpful but stimulating.  This is not a volume that should be missing from a pastor’s librarian  but as with all WBC volumes the format makes the volume hard to read.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Zondervan Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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