Exodus (BST) by J. A. Motyer

41wll2xcfwl-_sx331_bo1204203200_The book of Exodus is one of my most favorite to preach through, a because of this fact I have accumulated a plethora of commentaires on the book. This combined with my passion for exegetical preaching makes, Exodus by J.A. Motyer, one of the best exegetical commentaries in the Bible Speaks Today commentary series produced by IVP Academic. This commentary series is respected in both higher scholarship as well as in popular understanding. For this series combines the best of scholarship with practical applications.
This volume begins with a longer introductory section than most in the series. It is also important to note that Motyer does not focus his entire introductory section on the authorship or sources of Exodus. Rather, Motyer focuses on the less technical aspects of scholarship matters .
While there are a few disappointments in this volume, though they are indicative of the series as a whole, focusing sometimes too much on the big picture of the text instead of the small important matters of the text.  The text as a whole is worth while for a pastor or even a small group leader, but with respect to a pastor I would pair this volume with a commentary that is a bit larger in length and is able to ficuses in matters this volume bypassed, due to spatial requirements.
These books was provided to me free of charge from IVP Academic Press in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

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