619g3b7ujsl-_sx258_bo1204203200_There is a great dearth of Christian children’s books which are not only enjoyable but Biblically sound.  Most children’s books write or illustrate heretical things for the sake of “cuteness” or a child’s understanding.  This comes from a lack of understanding of the Gospel and the ability for a child to understand it.  Thankfully a new series has emerged form New Growth Press, which not only takes the Gospel seriously but explains it in a way that children no matter the age can understand and apply to their daily lives.  The series is called Good News for Little Hearts, they are written by Christian Counselors from CCEF, who employ a form a counseling called Biblical counseling.  All of these authors have not only a counseling degree but most have a Masters of Divinity as well.

In one of the first books in the series, the author David Pawlison deals with the suject of anger.  Most children get angry, sometime really angry.  They are dealing with emotions that they have not truly faced with yet and they need to learn how to handle it.  This book helps children deal with their anger and show them how God shows us how to deal with anger in scripture.

This book is not only cute it is very enjoyable and Biblically sound.  As a Pastor to children and youth, as well as a pastor of young children, I am always on the look out for great christian books for children.  This book is truly wonderful.  In addition to a wonderful story with a great Christ-focused message, in the back of the book there are questions for parents and children to discuss how to handle anger in a God honoring manner.  This book does not disappoint and is definitely worth every penny.

I received this work from New Growth Press, for the purpose of an unbiased review.

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