Philippians (TNTC) by Ralph P. Martin

41l1vpdmdpl-_ac_sy400_Philippians is one of the shorter epistles of Paul, yet it is one of the most studied in all of scripture.  For this reason there are hundreds of commentaries on this epistle, some are focused on a exegetical study on individual Greek words and are thousands of pages in length.  Others are are so sparse they are of almost no usefulness at all.

Thankfully there is are a few commentaries which are not just beneficial to scholars or for a daily devotionals.  One of these works is Philippians of the Tyndale New Testament Commentary series.  This commentary is written by well respected British scholar Ralph P. Martin.  This commentary is one of the oldest volumes in the series, written in 1959, yet this work is one of the strongest in the series.  Despite it’s age it still a wonderful introduction to Paul’s epistle to the Philippians, with specific focus on basic level explanation and practical application.    As stated before this work is short but it packs a powerful punch and is still relevant to today, even though it was written well before the New Perspective on Paul, started to question the Protestant view of Paul’s theology.

If a pastor or Bible study leader wishes to teach through Philippians, this work would be a great supplemental work to aid in preaching or teaching.

This book was provided to me free of charge from IVP Academic in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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