Daniel-Malachi (EBCR)

51kdsnaaafl-_sx381_bo1204203200_Many times a commentary set is uneven.  Some volumes are going to be better than others.  This is usually because some authors are better at writing on certain books of the Bible than others or in a certain style.  While the same can be said of Daniel-Malachi, some of the entries in the volume are stronger than others, there are a few entries which make the whole thing a worth while purchase.

One of these entries is the entry on Amos and Micah.  Anytime Tremper Longman puts pen to paper it is worth reading, and in this case it is worthy of your purpose.  While he is only updating Thomas McComiskey’s work, the update is truly superior to the previous version and is a great help to the expositor of scripture.

While I do not subscribe to the premillennial views of Andrew Hill, his commentary on Daniel was a great conservative scholarly effort which will make this entry the real reason for purchase of this commentary.  Further more his comments on the narrative portions where extremely helpful.

One negative of this volume in this series is the massive amounts of books covered in such limited space.  I was always asking for more.  There were great ideas, great application, superior exegesis, yet there could have been more.

The full list of the authors are listed below:

Daniel: Andrew E. Hill
Hosea: M. Daniel Carroll R. (Rodas)
Joel: Richard D. Patterson
Amos: Thomas E. McComiskey/Tremper Longman
Obadiah: Carl E. Armerding
Jonah: John Walton
Micah: Thomas E. McComiskey/Tremper Longman
Nahum: Carl E. Armerding
Habakkuk: Carl E. Armerding
Zephaniah: Larry L. Walker
Haggai: Eugene H. Merrill
Zechariah: Kenneth L. Barker
Malachi: Eugene H. Merrill

This book was provided to me free of charge from Zondervan Accademic Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


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